DNA raw data analysis & interpretation

Xcode provides DNA raw data analysis from any data provider in any format! From genotype to exome to whole genome! From 23andMe to AncestryDNA to FTDNA to MyHeritage format!


Fancy designer diet? You can now customize your own diet.

You can now put an end to stringent diets. Your genes dictate a diet tailor- made for you.


Your genetics is the best fitness information you can have.

You can now stop emulating the "other guy" at the gym. Get your expert fitness advice from your genes.


Give your health the attention it needs.

Our health module identifies genetic markers of diabetes, obesity and heart conditions giving you and your doctor a heads-up on your treatment.


Your DNA holds the secret to a radiant and youthful skin.

Save yourself the frustration of an exhaustive list of face creams. By tapping into your genes design your own skin regimen


Over 50% of prescription drugs won't work for you. Switch to Precision Medicine, today!

Share the precision medicine report with your doctor and get the right therapeutic strategy for you.


Track down the origin of you!

Your presence today is the testimony of an unbroken chain of genetic transmission dating back 3 Billion years. Uncover the stories of your ancestors written in your genes.

Learn about your hyper-sensitivities to various allergens!

Why wait to get exposed to allergens and undergo a painful experience to learn about your allergies? Get a heads-up on your allergic hyper-sensitivities.


Unravel your Genetic Code

Take simple, non-invasive DNA test at home using our DNA testing kit

Using state of the art genetic analysis, unlock your DNA profile

Understand the unique aspects of your body

Let our experts design the right program for you

Gene Blog

March 15, 2018

Breast Cancer Prognosis

  Breast Cancer Prognosis using your 23andme BRCA1 raw data Breast cancer prognosis is good when the cancer is detected earlier than when it is detected […]
March 15, 2018
23andme health report BRCA Raw Data Analysis

Should I Get a 23andme Health Report or Xcode Life Health reports?

23andme Health Report The FDA gave the go-ahead for the 23andme health report in April of last year to provide information about an individual’s personal health […]
March 7, 2018
BRCA gene testing from ancestry DNA raw data

BRCA Gene testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer

The earliest documented evidence of genetic predisposition for cancer is from the neuroanatomist Paul Broca, who detailed a history of 15 members of his wife’s family […]

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